Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SDSU

San Diego State University is dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation with the belief that it encourages students to create, to build their ideas into tangible products that will benefit the student, SDSU and the San Diego community. Entrepreneurship at SDSU provides students a unique blend of coursework and experiential learning opportunities. This combination enables students to adopt innovative thinking and develop the competencies they will need to succeed in today’s society, regardless of their educational field. In order to make this happen, SDSU has integrated entrepreneurship across many facets on campus so that both students and the San Diego community can benefit.
SDSU now offers a minor in entrepreneurship for all majors on campus, the music department has a business and entrepreneurship major, and there are study abroad programs catered solely to entrepreneurship and innovation. The Zahn Innovation Platform was established as a commercial and social incubator to grow student’s new innovative ideas. The Engineering and Interdisciplinary Science Complex is under construction, expected to open by 2018, and is SDSU’s way of bridging the gap between research centers and entrepreneurship, in order to provide a community that caters to a student’s ability to create a start-up company.

Our Alumni

Entrepreneur Statesmen

  • Jim Sinegal, Costco
  • Ralph Rubio, Rubios
  • Jack Goodall, Jack in the Box
  • L. Robert Payne, Multi-Ventures, Inc.
  • Ron Fowler, Liquid Investments
  • Cary Mack, Torrey Pines Bank
  • Jerry Halamuda, ColorSpot Nurseries
  • Art Nicholas, Nicholas-Applegate

Entrepreneur Rebels

  • Thom McElroy, Volcom
  • Wing Lam, Wahoo’s
  • Kristian Rauhala, H2OAudio
  • Zeynap Ilgaz, Confirm BioScience
  • Craig Stevens, Mar West Realty
  • Brad Chisum, Lumedyne
  • Jeffery Grad, Evolution Fresh
  • John Loccoco, Soccer Loco

Entrepreneurs Rising

  • Yukon Palmer, FieldLogix
  • Paul Goodman, Pura Vida
  • Adam Weiler, StrongVolt
  • Jenny Aramenini, Solo Eyewear
  • Jon Tucker, Compete Marketing Group
  • Nick Slettengren, Power Digital Marketing
  • Nick Rhea, Lunatec
  • Kevin Gelfend, ShakeSmart
  • Jason Kirby, Togally

Our Contacts