Prospective Student

Freshmen eager to gain an entrepreneurial skill set when selecting their major should explore the Entrepreneurship Specialization offered through the College of Business Administration or the Non-Business Entrepreneurship Minor offered to all majors across campus. Explore the Journey into Entrepreneurship course offered by the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center which offers a unique dorm floor through Student Life & Leadership. Interested in music, check out the Music Entrepreneurship and Business Major. If you have a business idea, join the Zahn Innovation Platform.

As a transfer student, immerse yourself into the SDSU community. Join the Lavin Entrepreneur Program to expand your network and gain access to mentorship. Sign up for the Entrepreneur Society to build connections with other students. Check out the Non-Business Entrepreneurship Minor offered to all undergraduate degrees. Explore the  Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Program to gain a global entrepreneurial perspective and study abroad.

Current Student

Fuel your curiosity; get involved with one of the 300+ clubs that support specific student interests. Sell something on Entrepreneur Day, hosted by the Entrepreneur Society (ES) which brings alumni and student run companies together. Take advantage of the VentureStart Competition, a preliminary ideation business pitch competition. Check out LeanModel™, a business model competition held annually. Participate in the Zahn Challenge hosted by the Zahn Innovation Platform or CSU I-Corps hosted by CSUPERB.
If you are eager to take a trip abroad with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, take advantage of the Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Program. SDSU also offers the Music Entrepreneurship and Business Major. Incorporate entrepreneurship into your experience and check out the Non-Business Entrepreneurship Minor, offered to all undergraduate degrees. Look into the Lavin Entrepreneur Program offered through the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center designed to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit.


SDSU alumni are amazingly entrepreneurial and there are a number of ways you can contribute to that growing sentiment. Get involved in one of the many programs on campus:

Become a direct part of the Aztec community and sign up to be a mentor through the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Check out the innovative business models students are creating and be a judge on a panel for the LeanModel™ Competition or the Zahn Challenge . To be a guest speaker for the Entrepreneurship Specialization or Non-Business Entrepreneurship Minor courses, contact the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Become a donor and make a contribution that will push the success of this awesome growing community.

Faculty and Staff

SDSU caters to on campus researchers, innovators, and instructors through hosting a myriad of entrepreneurship and innovation programs, including opportunities to commercialize research-based ideas and creative works.To learn more or become involved within the outstanding community of entrepreneurs, alumni, and regional workers at SDSU, browse the list of faculty and staff programs across our campus:

Community Members

A big part of entrepreneurship and innovation at SDSU is bringing together Aztecs and the wonderful San Diego Community. Prepare the next generation of successful Aztecs by mentoring through the Aztec Mentor Program, the Zahn Innovation Platform, and the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Support SDSU and join a board, become a donor, or sponsor one of the programs in one of the many centers here on campus: